Project Description

Client: Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Dedicated Cognition Counsel:
Steve Malikail (formerly Gowlings, General Counsel of Eli Lilly Canada)

– Client had a large Canadian presence but did not have a Canadian legal department to oversee its legal work.
– Client’s business groups in Canada were spending too much on Big Law firm fees when its business people independently sought out Canadian legal advice with no accountability or coordination.

– Cognition assigned a lawyer who was the former Canadian General Counsel for Eli Lilly Canada, to oversee the Client’s Canadian legal needs and act as the de facto Canadian General Counsel on a flexible, as-needed basis.
– Cognition managed and reduced the flow of legal work to Big Law firms, in large part through internalizing much of that work and knowledge to Cognition’s embedded counsel.

– Highly Specialized Experience: Client gained an expert in health and pharmaceutical law who could hit the ground running and serve Canadian legal needs on a flexible, fractional basis.
– Reduced Costs: Reduced overall legal costs by more than $300,000 in the first year alone by reducing work flow to Big Law firms (Cognition bulk commercial rate of less than $200/hr versus Big Law rate of $500/hr to $750/hr).