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Legal Services

Legal needs and complexity of work can change often.

Many organizations face constant headcount and budgetary pressures, and smaller companies and start-ups have limited resources for their legal budget. That’s why we work for you, only when and as you need us, on-site or off-site. Whether it’s as fractional, de facto in-house counsel, supplanting outside counsel, temporary counsel during crunch time or project-based counsel.

We maintain a modest (but fun!) office. We don’t have a priceless art collection and we do not take clients to the opera or sporting events (although we are happy to go with you if you invite us!). These measures mean than we pass the savings on to you because we find our clients are more impressed by the fact that they get meaningful commercial and corporate legal counsel from seasoned, business-minded lawyers for a fraction of the cost of BigLaw.

Making Caravel Law part of your team eliminates the overhead and inefficiencies you would pay for with a traditional firm and the recruiting, fixed expenditures and risks associated with hiring in-house counsel. You get top-tier legal advice you can trust, without the high price tag. We also go the extra mile by regularly connecting clients and contacts for partnering opportunities and suggest referrals for employment, consulting or financing needs – and you get that for free!

Commercial & Litigation

Your day-to-day business operations will inevitably create a number of legal needs, including the drafting and negotiation of various contracts, human resource matters, marketing and advertising issues, commercial leasing and privacy concerns. Caravel Law’s lawyers have worked inside companies for many years to give them the depth of operational experience that simply does not exist at traditional outside law firms (after all, that’s why you call them “outside” counsel). Being an in-house counsel for many years results in a seasoned and experienced lawyer, who has unique insights and an understanding of practical business needs.

The following list is only a sample of the types of operational and commercial services that we can provide your business:

  • Development agreements
  • Manufacturing agreements
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Commercialization and distribution agreements
  • Vendor agreements
  • RFP/RFQ review
  • Commercial leases
  • E-Commerce and privacy-related policies and matters
  • Management of large projects such as litigation
  • Corporate governance
  • Employment agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Sales compensation plans
  • Hiring and termination issues
  • Employee policies
  • Stock option and incentive plans
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements

Transactional & Corporate

Generally speaking, retaining a veteran partner-level lawyer to handle your legal needs is incredibly expensive. Worse yet, as a result of high hourly rates, these lawyers are forced to pass down work to junior lawyers who gain their experience on your time and money.

Caravel Law is different. Our lean business model allows us to provide both expertise and value by offering accomplished lawyers who have worked for BigLaw firms and make them available for 30-70% less than you would pay with traditional firms.

If you are closing or managing a corporate transaction, private placement financing, securities filing, acquisition of a business, debt issuance, reorganization or disposition of a business, our impressive professionals are here to help. Whether it is to guide you through your transaction, or to complement the external law firms involved, our partner level and senior partner level lawyers close your deals in a more timely and efficient manner.

The following list is only a sample of the types of transactional and corporate services that we can provide your business:

  • Financings, including structuring of private placements of debt/equity and public offerings
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including arrangements
  • Reorganizations
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Debt Facilities and issuances

Intellectual Property

One of the most important assets in a business is often its intellectual property. At Caravel Law, our lawyers benefit from having had rigorous training from IP-focused law firms as well as having developed practical business insight from being in-house lawyers responsible for protecting their corporation’s IP portfolio. This experience can help your company protect and monetize its trademarks, patents and other intellectual property. 

The following list is only a sample of the types of intellectual property services that we can provide your business:

  • Information technology agreements and issues
  • Intellectual property licensing and monetization
  • Strategic review and management of IP portfolio
  • Freedom to operate analyses
  • Copyright advice and registration
  • Trademark applications and management both in Canada and Internationally (FAQ and Glossary)
  • Patent applications and management

Corporate Immigration

To make sense of immigration law, you need experienced immigration lawyers navigating you through the process. Recruiting and relocating international workers to Canada and the U.S. takes time and preparation. Our corporate immigration lawyers will work closely with your business and human resources team to offer expert guidance and knowledge.

We provide comprehensive corporate immigration services to clients and their families around the world. We provide timely and strategic advice relating to constantly changing immigration laws and regulations.

The following list is a sample of the types of corporate immigration services that we can provide your business:

  • Temporary Resident Visa Applications
  • Visitor entry Applications for Business or Tourism
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Express Entry – Permanent Residence Applications
  • Start- Up Visa Applications
  • Employer Compliance Review Services

For more information on the immigration service Caravel provides please review our Corporate Immigration Services page.