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We work for you, and that means we offer the flexibility of working how and when you need us. Whether it’s during a transitional or crunch-time period, ongoing, or project-based counsel, we’ll be there when you need us, and we can work either on-site or off-site. Our Director of Client & Lawyer Happiness will help advise on which engagement type makes the most sense for your legal needs. Here are the various engagement types we offer:

Caravel Law Embedded in-house counsel

As your business grows, you may find that you require regular legal advice on a variety of issues from someone who really knows your business. Traditional law firms are not well equipped to provide that level of support. The hourly rates are too high for this to be a practical solution for your business. Hiring a full-time general counsel can be a challenge as well and you may not yet require full-time support. Finding someone with the skills and experience you need, who fits in your budget, and is interested in being the sole member of your legal department is not easy.


Often overlooked is the fact that your legal needs and the complexity of work that needs to be done will change often as your business grows. You need a solution that scales and evolves along with your business.

We provide flexible embedded in-house counsel to growing and well-established businesses for 1-4 days per week, at rates that make sense for your business. Our solution makes it possible for startups and companies with limited budgets to access top-tier legal expertise, and to scale up that support until the time is right to hire in-house counsel. A dedicated lawyer becomes part of your team, and gives you the legal advice you need the same way that an in-house lawyer would.

The lawyers who work with Caravel Law have more in-house experience than at any other law firm in Canada. You’ll work with someone who has the experience you need with a pricing model that make sense.

Making Caravel Law part of your team eliminates:

  • Overhead costs and inefficiencies you would pay for with a traditional firm.
  • Resources, fixed costs, and risks associated with recruiting and hiring in-house counsel.

Working with Caravel Law will give you the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing your legal matters are being handled correctly and efficiently.

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Caravel Law Fixed-fee engagement

We’re available to work on a project-by-project basis for a fixed fee agreed upon by you and our lawyers before the work begins. Whether it is for incorporating a business, restructuring, or drafting contracts, this arrangement allows you to budget a reasonable and fixed amount of money each month for your legal work, with the peace of mind of knowing it is being handled by experienced counsel. Fixed-fee engagement is available for services such as:

  • Incorporation
  • Immigration
  • Contract review

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Caravel Law Hourly work

Companies and individuals have a number of great law firms to choose from in Canada. Unfortunately, the hourly rates at the top firms in Canada have made it impossible for many companies to get the high-quality legal help they need.

Caravel lawyers come from those top firms, but because of our business model, you can get access to the help you need at one-third the price of BigLaw lawyers with equivalent experience. In fact, the price for our experienced, partner-level lawyers on an hourly basis is less than that charged by BigLaw for a freshly-minted, first-year associate.

All of our lawyers, regardless of their year of call or expertise, are charged at one standard rate.

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Caravel Law Interim general counsel transitions

Your legal department consists of one lawyer and they are leaving. Now what?

Your legal work still needs to get done, but it’s important not to rush and hire the wrong person. Dusting off the last job posting and putting it up again might not be the best course of action as your needs may have changed since the last time you hired someone. If you leave the job open, your team might be tempted to start doing its own legal work or skipping the legal review of agreements so as to keep things moving forward. You need a short-term solution that can get up to speed quickly, give you the time you need to make the right hiring decision and that make economic sense.

We work with many of our clients through in-house counsel transitions so they can take the time to find the right person going forward. We can have someone in place quickly to do a smooth hand-off from the departing lawyer and keep your projects on track. Our lawyers have been trained at leading law firms and many have years of experience working in-house at companies of all sizes across different industries. Our lawyers can keep you on track, offer you a fresh perspective on your legal matters and help you determine the skills and qualifications you need from your next lawyer. This transitional period won’t just be about filling the position; you’ll gain added value and insights from us.

Once you’ve hired your new lawyer, we can help get him/her off to a good start. Your Caravel lawyer will act as the bridge from your last counsel to your new counsel, ensuring that knowledge is transferred, and onboarding goes smoothly.

Most importantly, you can be confident that your legal matters are in expert hands during your transitional period, with a trusted partner who is looking after your best interests. You have access to all of the talented lawyers at Caravel, but we’ll respect the relationships you have with other law firms and assign work as directed.

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