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In 2015, Cognition LLP was divided into Axiom Cognition and Caravel Law. Caravel Law focuses exclusively on clients who don’t have on-staff general counsel.

Building on 10 years of solid success as part of Cognition LLP, Caravel Law is an innovative law firm structured to connect experienced, business savvy lawyers with organizations looking for dedicated, tech-enabled and cost-efficient legal solutions. We focus on happy clients and happy lawyers.

A Caravel was a small, fast, Spanish or Portuguese sailing ship of the 15-17th centuries. Caravels had limited space for cargo and crew, but they were agile and their shallow keels allowed them to sail up river in shallow water, where larger ships were unable to maneuver. A Caravel was far easier to navigate than larger ships and was the first to sail into the wind.

We believe that the name Caravel Law is representative of our ability to navigate the legal solutions industry. We focus on providing legal solutions to businesses that do not have in-house legal counsel resources, leaving traditional law firms behind.

The quality of the legal work will be exactly the same as what you are used to. Our lawyers come from the big national firms – many were partners.

However unlike most of the lawyers you will have worked with, our team combines that big firm experience and training with years of working in-house as part of management teams at small and large companies. We believe that makes them better prepared to help your company. They have been part of teams just like yours.

Another difference that you might notice is that you can structure your arrangement with Caravel Law in whatever way makes sense for your company. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rates – whatever works best for you. Want someone embedded who attends your management meetings and really gets to know your business, we can do that too.

Finally, when you get your invoice, you will notice a big difference and really appreciate how well our business model works for your company.

All of our lawyers have more than 10 years of experience before they start working with us. Some were partners at top-ranked firms, others were general counsel at large companies. We want to match you with the lawyer who is best qualified to help you without you thinking about rates. The best person to do the work is the one who does the work. No compromises.

Next time you visit a big national law firm, just take a moment and look around and start to do the math. All the things you see, such as the amazing offices with spectacular views, the incredible art collections, and the impressive support staffs taking care of visiting clients, along with all the things you don’t see like the front row seats, the firm retreats, and power lunches – they all add up.

Take all that away and what are you left with? Great lawyers, attentive service and fair rates. That’s us.

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