What’s Your Origin Story? Was Your Law Firm Bitten by a Radioactive Spider?

Seth Godin has a podcast called Akimbo, where he shares his thoughts on a variety of topics and where he often tries to get his audience to think about something in a new way. A recent episode was on origin stories, and while he did spend some time talking about how Spiderman and Superman became [...]

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Why Haven’t You Heard of Caravel Law?

I have been with Caravel Law for just over two months now and I have spent much of that time talking to our clients, the lawyers, the co-founders and the team here, trying to learn as much about the firm as possible. It didn’t take long to establish two things for certain: • our clients [...]

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Disruptive Innovation and the Law

A disruptive innovation is a change, improvement or innovation that creates a new market and disrupts an existing market by displacing an earlier technology, process or service. This is in contrast to a sustaining innovation, which helps an existing market evolve and allows firms within the market to compete with one another as they attempt [...]

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