Toronto (February 7, 2017) omaravel Law (formerly Cognition LLP) today announces Caravel Law Compass, the definitive source of financing documents for Canadian startups and investors. Utilizing market-leading document generating technology atop firm-backed legal precedents, Caravel Law Compass is designed to assist startups and investors in generating free first-draft documents and greatly expedite the financing process.

Caravel Law Director of Disruption, Steven Pulver states, “For over eleven years, Caravel Law has been at the forefront of legal innovation and the delivery of legal services. The time has come to provide a free, technology-backed resource to assist startups and investors in getting funded faster. Too many deals are lost due to an inability to locate and utilize standard documentation. We’re fixing that problem today.”

“We’re excited to bring this innovation to Canada”, says Caravel Law Co-Founder, Rubsun Ho. “While some work to make standardized, best of class documents available to companies and investors has been done in the United States, we’ve been slower here. Now, with Caravel Law Compass, we believe we’re delivering a Canadianized enhancement on anything available anywhere and we’re happy to be leading this charge.”

“Changing the game has always been Caravel’s goal”, continues Caravel Co-Founder, Joe Milstone. “We started by making the very best lawyers available at prices far lower than BigLaw. Over time, we’ve leveraged technology to continually improve efficiency and service. And we’re always focused on being more responsive, connected and customer-centred. Caravel Law Compass is another step forward in disrupting the legal marketplace and delivering more satisfying legal solutions.”

The announcement of Caravel Law Compass comes just months after Caravel Law received its 5th consecutive Profit 500 Award and placement on the annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

About Caravel Law Compass

Caravel Law Compass provides best of class financing documents to startups and investors on Canada’s first freely available document automation platform.

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About Caravel Law

At Caravel Law, we believe legal solutions should be more satisfying for customers and for lawyers.

With over 50 world class lawyers, we leverage technology to connect with businesses in a more responsive way – and we focus on happy clients and happy lawyers. We deliver these responsive, tech-enabled solutions at prices 50% to 70% lower than traditional Bay Street law firms. Our mission is to disrupt the legal marketplace and serve businesses in a better, more customer-focused way – “We want to be Your Counsel”.

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