About Us

More than 40 partner-level lawyers across Canada

Our legal team is comprised of partner and senior partner level lawyers with at least 10 years of experience. You can trust their practical and business sense to handle your legal matters correctly.

Our Director of Client & Lawyer Happiness will match you with a lawyer that best suits your needs based on your requirements, location, and budget. We offer the flexibility to work with you how and when you need us.

At Caravel Law, no project is too small for us. We have a lean approach with a business model that cuts out anything that doesn’t add value, and we use technology to run more efficiently.

We understand what it means to spend your whole life building a business or to work tirelessly on a startup. In fact, our lawyers have more in-house experience than any other law firm in Canada!

Top quality service.
No compromises.

At Caravel Law, we pride ourselves on providing outside counsel that feels like a member of your team. It’s advice from seasoned lawyers you can count on. This is why our net promoter score is four times the industry average!

One of our core values is to make high calibre legal services accessible to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an individual who’s looking to incorporate, or a successful business looking to sell, you’ll receive the same level of top quality service. No compromises.

Our Charter

Inspire trust

Overthrow the status quo

Set the pace

Be in the business

Embrace expectations & leave excuses to others

Pull hard and pull together

Obsess over value

Respect others authentically

Live fully and responsibly

Our team understands the importance of Caravel Law’s charter and lives our values every day.

"Great value, excellent service and legal advice as good or better than major firms."

- Dennis, Mining

"The right fit for our size of business and volume of legal needs. People I've worked with have been great and responsive. Pricing seems very reasonable."

- Sanjay, Software

"I like the quick response rate, quality of work and the attitude of the lawyers and the staff. Great corporate culture. "

- Robert, Agriculture

"Great legal system for Startups needing the most honest legal advice and support. "

- Julie, Technology

"Everyone at Caravel has been extremely helpful and professional. Great work and service."

- Sean Calvin, S2 Media

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Our Director of Client & Lawyer Happiness will match you with a lawyer from our team.

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