Rate Discounts are NOT AFAs

In After Heenan Blaikie, is it all over for Big Law?, which appeared in the April issue of Report on Business magazine, there is a discussion about the various competitors working to bring change to the practice of law. Firms like DiligenceEngine, Caravel Law, Seyfarth Shaw, Riverview Law and ATD Legal (recently purchased by Deloitte) [...]

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Top Five Ways to Become a Hit as Outside Counsel – From Those Who Have Lived in Both Sets of Shoes

External counsel sometimes find themselves facing upset and annoyed in-house counsel. What could they possibly have done to anger in-house counsel so badly? Conversely, what can they do to set themselves apart from those falling behind and perpetually stuck in yesteryear?   We decided to do some digging around, and after speaking with lawyers, attending [...]

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A Sea of Change…

There is a sea change happening in the Legal Industry, and the mansions of Big Law are built too close to the shore. Everyone knows that the 100 year flood is coming, but for now they say, "Why worry? We have the biggest and best houses on the water, with the best views, best beaches, [...]

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Storm clouds brewing

It was reported yesterday in the National Post that at least one other national firm is on the brink of collapse. To quote: A Canadian managing partner of a large law firm has told Legal Post that a Deloitte Canada study indicates that at least one more mid-to-large Canadian law firm will be wound up [...]

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In-house and in the trenches

This piece effectively illustrates the two fundamental pain-points that both start-ups and General Counsel have with the traditional firm model. First, they need a business-like/in-house counsel mindset, not a one size fits all, cover all risks, "outside of the business" approach. Second, pricing is established to cover massive overhead and infrastructure that, to the extent [...]

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